2016/17 Affiliate League Registration: Open!


2015-16 ASHN affiliate league registration opens

  • CCT Tournaments

    2014 Adult Hockey Tournaments

    Read MoreCanlan Classic Tournaments (CCT) is an industry leader in Youth and Adult Hockey Tournaments. Click Read More for information on CCT's lineup of 2013-14 Adult Rec Hockey Tournaments across the country! Introducing the ASHN/Hockey Canada Membership Loyalty Program. As part of the ASHN's exclusive partnership with Hockey Canada, players in ASHN Affiliate Leagues automatically become…

  • National Championships


    Read MoreThe ASHN North American Championships (NAC's) is the largest qualification-based rec hockey tournament in North America with teams from across the ASHL network vying for a national championship!

  • National Qualifiers

    Qualify for the NAC's

    Read MoreASHN North American Qualifier Tournaments are one of the best ways for teams to qualify for an opportunity to partake in the 2015 ASHN North American Championships.